Friday, February 27, 2015

RIP Spock

Lost Leonard Nemoy today. Wow.
You lived long; you prospered. You'll be missed. See you on the other side. 

Friday, November 28, 2014

Black Friday

The best, or worst shopping day of the year...

I have a tradition of getting up early and hitting the Freewheel Bike "Black and Yellow Friday Sale" (matches their colors).  From 7-8am they have a 40% off coupon, and I usually need something worth taking advantage of the sale. 

This year. I took the twins with me. I had a few things in mind that I needed -- but when they turned out not to have those things it ended up just being a "fun" outing for the boys. Chasing them around, I wasn't able to think of anything else good to buy. 

There were lots of cries and craziness in addition to the fun. I caught a fat bike that they tried to tip over before it caused a domino affect across the floor. My favorite was watching them rool spare tires across the floor (probably to the annoyance of some other customers). Yes, I'm THAT guy. The best was when Sam proceeded to load them onto the rack of one of the cruisers... And then find more. 

Oh, and Anders left his Minion hat behind, so I have to go back to recover it.

Well, here's some photos. Got to go do some more shopping...

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Vélo CX 2014

I was able to stop by Vélo CX in Blaine this past weekend.  I had the twins with me and saw more of the bouncy house than I did of any bike racing. Still, I was able to grab a few pictures. Better luck next time catching a bit more racing.