Monday, November 26, 2012


 Wind Chill Factor

Stopped for a shot on Capitol Hill

Yesterday some friends were discussing beardcicles as the measure of how hardcore--and how bad-ass--you are when it comes to winter riding (and skiing). At 1 degree Fahrenheit (wind chill) this morning, I was wishing I hadn't trimmed the rest of the beard the other day to highlight my "Movember" stache.

Just last week, when we were enjoying a blast of Indian summer, I boasted to some co-workers that I would not be deterred from riding by cold weather... that only snow and ice would stop me because of the danger (really mostly out of fear of people in cars not driving carefully in snowy conditions).

However, it wasn't by choice that I rode my bike today. I was ready to eat crow on that previous declaration of manliness and was getting ready to drive the car when my wife informed me that she would need it to take the twins to an appointment this afternoon. So I layered up and got a nice arctic blast all the way to work. It was rough. Unfortunately, no "stachecicles" to show off, just windburn and icy toes.
Wanted to show a semi-normal picture of myself. No beardcicles.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Playing Hookey

Weather Obsessed

For some reason growing up in Minnesota makes you obsessed with the weather. Maybe it is the extremes from winter to summer. So when we get a bout of awesome weather, like we have this week, it is the topic of conversation. Its been so great that the temptation to play hookie has been overwhelming. On my ride to work I joined up with a guy on a sweet Ridley who was doing just that. He had already had 2 hours into a training ride by the time I approached. We chatted for a few minutes about the weather and biking before I had to peal off to work. It has been so great the past week that I decided to tote my camera to grab some shots as I sneak in a few extra miles into my commute along the Mississippi River between Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Lake Como in St. Paul

Daily temptation. Hard not to stop for pastries.

No fooling these geese, Thanksgiving will bring arctic air.

I'm stopped at this crossing for trains nearly every day.

Minnesota State Capitol

A couple of other regular temptations: bread and bikes.

Liked this guys UPS jersey.
This woman would cringe if she saw this... she widened a little when I combined images into this panorama.

Under the new I-35 W bridge that spans the Mississippi River.

Bumped into some fellow church-members getting a Christmas card portrait taken. 

Love to ride on cobblestone whenever I get the chance.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Veterans' Day


Woke up to a gorgeous sunrise today. Thanks to our veterans, I didn't have to bust it to work today. (Thanks to our veterans and so many others that have sacrificed, I have a work to bust it to, and so many other freedoms I take for granted). Like the blessing of being able to stay home and do full-time dad duty for a third straight day.

Just a little snow does something fantastic with the lighting, especially at dawn, dusk, and in the twilight hours. I really love the snow, except for when it comes to commuting. Bus, car, bike, you name it... a fresh snowfall is call for a snow-day. Just a little bit is trouble on a road bike... so this time of year I am a little nervous every morning and even obsessed with the weather and what I will look out the window and see.

What it did prompt was a look at the brakes and tires on my mountain bike that hasn't seen any action in a while. Despite dad-duty, I was able to sneak out for a very short test ride. Check. I'll be ready if I look out tomorrow to a similar sight. Any more than this, I may be SOL. Don't think a fat-bike is in the budget for this year.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

VeloCX 2012

Ride Hard

It’s fun to be in the middle of cyclocross season. It gets me pumped an motivated to ride hard on my daily ride. Last weekend we took the twins to the National Sports Center in Blaine for VeloCX, sponsored by Behind Bars, which happens to be in my neighborhood. 

It was a great Minneapolis community event. In addition to the Behind Bars folks, All-City Bikes was there and so was Omnium Bike Shop from St. Paul (which recently gave my bike an awseme tune up). For food there was the Waffle Van and the Wienery from the West Bank provided the best pulled pork sandwiches Sarah and I had ever had. We aren't beer drinkers (which is probably sacreligious to the serious cross crowd) but there were kegs at the finishline for all to partake in. I was just there to watch some great racing and soak up some atmosphere. Got a few pics too.

WWF Wrestling theme? Macho Man and Jake the Snake, a couple of sweet bikes.

Waffle Man chillin'



The Pit

The People

The Behind Bars Crew

Not sure, but I think this guy is zipping his fly.

All-City Packing Up

Oh yeah... and there was a huge bouncy castle!

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