Friday, May 31, 2013

Bike Month

May was bike month. Not sure who proclaimed that, but why not?! Get people going on their summer riding. During bike month, there was also a bike to work day (again, proclamation origin unknown) and the state government sponsored some special events in St. Paul.  On my lunch break I had the chance to participate in a little half hour loop of St. Paul with the Health and Transportation Commissioners. I don't think that they are avid riders by any means, but it was to promote a good cause.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Twins Birthday!

Our daily time trial, the best kind.

Anders and Sam at 1 year.

Anders and Sam at 1 day.

Monday, May 20, 2013


This weekend my wife and I took the twins on their first trip to Art-A-Whirl. In full disclosure I admit that we took our car the mile or so down the road to the art studios because the boys can be so unpredictable in the Burley, especially if we are going to be bleeding into their dinnertime (which by the time we got them ready to leave was a given).

But it was fun to see all the folks arriving à vélo en masse on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon after morning showers. Corrales were packed full and just about every sign post was occupied. 

As we approached, a train was stopped in a crossing blocking traffic. People were crawling over it, some carrying bikes, to get to the event. The railroad company must have called in security because a detail arrived shortly after we did to stop people from jumping the train so that it could be safely on its way. I was too slow with my iPhone to get a clear shot, but I did get a shot of a bloke that was ready with camera in hand, enjoying the scene.

Once we got ourselves orientated, we knew our “window” for viewing the art would be small so we wanted to make the most of it. (Funny how the prospect of hungry/sleepy/bored children will dictate time spent at an event.) I was looking for instances of bikes in art, and caught a few in our short time at NKB. There are usually a lot, and in years past have often seen posters that people have prepared for Art Crank.

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