Tuesday, March 10, 2015


The weather has suddenly changed in Minneapolis-St. Paul, and it feels like spring. Everyone was soaking up the 60 degrees today, and I was no exception. I took the opportunity to get out and ride along the river in St. Paul during lunch and grabbed a few shots. 

Decided to hike my bike up the stairs.

Had forgot how much I hate heights... this little catwalk reminded me. I still stopped to take a couple shots of my ride.

Looked like some suspicious activity below, or just teens blowing steam... Or both.

Happy to be above the grating. 

Hanging at the Science Museum. 

Monday, March 2, 2015

Lanterne Rouge

Yesterday, 30 Days of Biking opened for pledges to ride for the month of April. Every day. Regardless of weather.

I pledged to do it, which isn't much of a stretch for me, really. I've been pretty consistent, especially after upgrading my winter ride. But after a bout of bronchitis in February, combined with some pretty cold temperatures out there, the only biking I have done the past couple of weeks has been of the indoor nature.

At any rate, after pledging and with spring "starting" this month and the promise of a near 30 degree day today, I was excited to break the bike out again for the work commute.

Frankly, it was still a little shocking to the system. And when tempted to turn around, the only thing that kept me in the saddle were thoughts of the Lanterne Rouge 'winners' from the Tour de France. You see, yesterday I also started reading a book titled Lanterne Rouge, by Max Leonard, about the unsung heroes that hang on to finish the Tour, just ahead of the Broom Wagon. Thinking of their suffering gave me just enough motivation to endure the uncomfortable wind chill for my comparatively tiny hour-long commute. 

About the book: so far the very brief glimpse I've had into the tail-end aspect of the Tour is changing the way I think about it. A very engaging book so far; I hope to write more about it.