Monday, January 28, 2013

Snow Ride

Hommage to Geoff

I was trying to channel my friend Geoff this morning as he began riding the Arrowhead Ultra, a 135 mile fatbike race + ultra-marathon from International Falls to Lake Vermillion in northern Minnesota. Lots of deep snow, cold temps and crazy folks. 

I was starting my morning commute from Minneapolis to St. Paul at about the same time (ok, probably a couple hours after he started), on freshly fallen snow and unplowed trails and roads for much of the way. I had a total blast, and for about the first mile could picture myself riding the ultra with him next year, until reality hit and I was just pooped out after a couple of miles. I could barely do 10 miles in two inches of snow.

So this whole post goes out to you, Geoff Archibald. You are more of a man than I, and I hope you survive the night. You better send pictures that I can post for my one adoring fan to see. It would sure beat the pathetic photos of my little  Raleigh packed with snow.

It’s almost 11pm as I write this, and Geoff is still riding while it continues to snow up there. His wife posted a status update that he would keep going in order to finish before it becomes a full blown winter storm (which I understand is in the forecast). Good luck!

I keep reading this as "Biking in Minnesota" and I see a cyclist in the logo.

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