Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Burley Time!

Spring is here, I think. All signs say it's supposed to be. Even the groundhog predicted an early spring (a very rare occurrence). Monday was the home opener for the Minnesota Twins, another sure sign of spring on the calendar. However, it was 19 degrees at departure Monday, yesterday the same, and 25 with a wicked crosswind today.

I don't know why I had already put away much of my winter gear, so I ended up looking a little makeshift in my layering while riding my bike the other day. And it was miserable. Yesterday and today I planned better, and it felt better but not great. So I will focus on Saturday's Burley ride with hope of a warmer day and another Burley ride tomorrow.

It was gorgeous out and 48 degrees on Saturday. It was the inaugural run of the Burley and the twins were so cute riding behind me, I am sure I was risking all of our lives with every peek behind. Sammy got to be the first to go on a test run, and I have a picture of him in my mind that unfortunately I can't share. A little bit of worry turned to wonder and then delight as we got underway.

When Anders was added, the world heard screams of delight (he is he more vocal of the two) as we rode down to the lake near our Minneapolis home. Combine that with the hum of my studded tires on pavement (used the winter bike) and I am sure we turned some heads/ears with the spectacle. The whole family had fun. Sarah hollered at me to ride safer periodically, and the twins were weary from the excitement by the time we got home. Sam even conked out on the way.



  1. Adorable boys, as usual. :) Way to instill a love of biking in them early, Bob.

    1. You know it! We found that thing on Craigslist a couple of weeks after they were born (10 months ago)... not realizing that they had to be able to sit up on their own (and that sitting up on their own takes a while). Nice to finally start using it.

  2. Yay!!! You have to love the Burley!

  3. Love this! Cute pictures and the image in my head of them enjoying the ride is priceless, though probably no where near the level of awesome that actually occurred. What fun!