Monday, December 10, 2012

Minnesota State CX Championships 2012

Brown Grass

We just got dumped on with snow - enough to make up for the mild weather of the past several weeks. So I am thinking back to just a week ago enjoying the beautiful brown grass at the Minnesota State Cyclocross Championships. My wife was down in Rochester, and I decided to be bold and take the twins out solo to the races in Crystal. We got there just after the start of the final Men's CX1/2. It was tough pushing the double stroller through the woods, and I never did make it over to the infamous stairs. The cowbells proved problematic to the 6-month-old's sensitive ears too, so we kept our distance from the main group of spectators.

The lighting was poor and the bikes moved fast, but I ventured to capture some photos. A more experienced photographer might have fared better... and there were a few of them on hand... but I wanted to share a few fun shots. (I have not been able to find many other photos online, so if you care to share please contact me on twitter: @bobbylama)

Celebrating a clean ride through the sandpit, he miscalculated on the wheelie.

Lovin the retro pink and blue helmet.

Love the beard.

Leaders take a turn during the final lap.

The Final Sprint

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