Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Ce n'est pas mardi gras aujourd'hui.

totally thought it was Mardi Gras the other day, and I even celebrated by thinking about that one Brazilian movie from the 60’s that I saw in a film studies class in college (Black Orpheus, 1959). My wife had also seen it in the same context (different university) and couldn’t think of where it took place, except that it what where that huge Jesus statue is. I am actually lucky enough to have been to Rio de Janeiro, which has the biggest statue of Jesus that I am aware of. It was in early March one year, in fact, so I was able to confirm that it was indeed Brazil where the movie took place. When I was there, Lent was in full force though (at least as far as Brazilians observe it), and I did not partake in any particular Carnival festivities. If you consider “thinking about a Brazilian art film” – and not even watching it – as  “celebrating Mardi Gras” you might be about as exciting as I am, and this blog is the perfect place for you.

But I digress.

Back to the French title of this post: I have heard the phrase as a dig or to tease someone who is dressed ridiculously or inappropriately, like calling them a clown (BTW also useful for the Oscar’s Red Carpet). This is how I have felt as I have tried to get out on the occasional ride this winter in an effort to beat the Polar Vortex, which keeps dipping down into the Lower 48. (I heard an NPR piece recently on how many Alaskans are lamenting the mild winter they are not enjoying.) Well AK– you can have it your PV back because I am going a bit stir crazy (and look ridiculous in my wife’s pink ski goggles)! 

Here are some photos from a recent ride. The Minnesota State Fairgrounds look even more like a weird carnival ghost town with all of the snow.

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