Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Nov 4

Biked to vote today. The polls were busy, the lot was full, but I got the best parking spot.

I recently moved, and was able to take advantage of Minnesota's policy allowing same day voter registration. The election judge checking me in saw my helmet and chatted me up about her husbands biking -- 70+ and riding 5k miles per year -- impressive. Distracted, I accidently  put my work zip code instead of my new home zip on my registration form. They didn't catch it until after I had filled out my ballot, and chased me down before I could put my ballot in the box to be counted. Meanwhile a line at the ballot box suddenly formed behind me while I tried to assure the election judge that it was a simple mistake. And that I would be happy to verify with my new drivers license AFTER I cast my vote (I said this as I was putting it in the box). 

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