Friday, August 16, 2013

End of Summer

I find it hard to believe that its half way through August. I got an email today from one of the cycling lists that I subscribe to letting me know that Summer is half over. The email obviously didn't originate from Minnesota, where the State Fair, which starts next week, marks the "end of summer".  On my ride yesterday past the fairgrounds, I saw trailers pulling carnival rides in to set up the Midway.

I really hope it is not the end of summer, and that we still have half of it to go with lots more time for spinning. It has been fantastic so far on the bike. I tracked all of my rides while working to complete my goal to ride 500 miles during the Tour de France. I was thinking of switching to Strava to keep up with some of my cycling friends that use it, but MapMyRide was sponsoring a Tour de France challenge and it seemed like fun and a good way to live the Tour a little. They also had a pretty cool tracking interface to motivate you with some intermediate goals, and rank your daily progress compared to others.

With all of the extra Burley rides with the twins and a couple of longer ones thrown in for good measure, I was able to just make it. I guess the habit of tracking all of my rides spilled over past that, and I got an email from MapMyRide informing me that I logged over 700 miles for July. It was a fantastic month!

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