Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Zapped Again

I wasn't going to, but then at the last minute decided to carry my bike to work with me today. I had a list of reasons for not biking today, needing to be clean shaven for a meeting and not wanting the hassle of bringing my shaving kit to work, not wanting to make another trek in 35 degrees, avoiding the prospect of a third flat tire in as many days due to spring road debris, etc. 

But as I rushed out the door (nearly late for the bus), I found myself heading for the garage rather than the bus stop. I wasn't going to, but then I grabbed the bike just so I could get it re-tagged at a Zap event that was taking place in my building today. I haven't been hearing the happy beep when passing he Dero Zap stations around town, and assumed there was something wrong with the reader. I have been riding for much of April, so was surprised to see when I checked my Zap profile yesterday that I hadn't been counted since April 2. I then looked at my bike and found that the fob was not broken, but just gone altogether. I assume it feel victim to the nastier than usual spring potholes. 

So at the last second I decide to carry my bike on the bus today, and was able to chase it down and get on. 

I'm glad that I did. Not just because I got re tagged (though I am reminded how much I hate the giant tag on my wheel), but because I had such a great ride home. Raining at 45 degrees feels like 28 degrees (especially when you are wearing shorts with the ice cold water spraying your hairy legs and the wind cutting you down to size). I was soaked and chilled when I got home, but was reminded how much I love to ride in the rain. I seem to focus more and breathe easier. It was glorious today. And was made even nicer by the sweet beep of the Zap station counting me among a community of bike lovers in the Twin Cities. 

Now I feel more motivated for tomorrow.

Getting Zap tagged again.

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