Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April Showers

Pulled this great photo from @twinsix

Been a weird spring, hoping for some May flowers about now. Lots of rain this week, mixed with snow. But we haven't been totally down. I got out for my first ride with the twins this week, and Sam was begging for more. 

Lots of happy faces all around. They have outgrown their helmets, so that's on the list (I didn't own one of my own until I was 30). They keep growing and are filling out nicely the Burley. We'll need a second before too long to accommodate them... Maybe they'll be riding tag-alongs  before we get to that. I taught myself to ride the summer before I turned 4 (I was so jealous of my older brother) so there is hope for that too. In May, they'll be 2.

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