Saturday, May 31, 2014

Closing Out Bike Month

10:30 tonight I have to make a run to the store so that my minions will have bananas for their breakfast on Sunday  and Monday. 

It's raining and I am not the type to be riding to the grocery (especially after reading an article on bike theft he other day), but I spot a small platoon of 5 or 6 bikes riding in the thunderstorm and I longed to be with them. I get back with my groceries and think what the heck, and I pull out my bike and ride off into the pouring rain. It was dark and quiet except for the patter of rain on my helmet, an occasional roll of thunder, and a Stevie Wonder raggai that I heard this morning jamming in my head. 

Everyone in my part of Northeast Mineapolis seemed in slumber, but I roused a squad-car as I crossed into sleepy St. Anthony a few blocks from my home. The bored officer was lurking on an adjacent street and pulled up to me for a closer look. I must not have been very interesting because after he slowed next to me he turned around to go back from whence he came. 

I enjoyed the calm serenity of the quiet neighborhood, and kept having a hard time returning home. After circling for a total of 5 miles, at a few minutes before midnight I returned home and logged my miles to close out May riding. Happy Bike Month! Looking forward to a beautiful summer.

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