Saturday, July 12, 2014


Lucky 7

It has been eventful spring/early summer in terms of flat tires and mechanical issues with my bike. This week I had my 6th and 7th flats of the season (on new tires). One might say I got junk tires when trying to save a little money because of the other maintenance on a bike that is a couple years old with 4K miles - and I wouldn't disagree with them. Time to shell out the dough for better tires. (If you are wondering, I think Mavik makes great wheels but their tires are sheet).

Another theory is the appearance of a Voodoo brand bike that has taken up residence next to me at work. It creeps me out when I see and things haven't been the same since I passed the person riding it a few weeks ago and within 100 meters one of my crank arms fell off - just one in a series of other issues. I must be hexed - or at least my bike is...

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