Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Hour Record

Contre la Montre

One of the things that I have been anticipating this year is someone making an attempt at the hour record. With the UCI recently reviewing (and updating) the rules for the hour record, there was a lot of speculation about who would be the first to take it on. Chief among the candidates were Fabian Cancellara and Bradley Wiggins. Cancellara seemed to be in if the rules stayed with the Merckx standard, Wiggo if the rules went to current UCI time trial equipment standards – which they did.

But once the new rules were announced, everyone seemed to balk and I thought we would have to wait a while. Until Jens Voigt announced on September 3 that he would be the first to attempt it under the new rules. So on September 18, 2014, tomorrow, he will make an attempt. I remember seeing his tweet and wondering if someone had hacked his account. They have probably been working on this for a while, but the beauty in the timing is that we would not have to wait long – and no one will jump in ahead of him.

And the one currently on Trek's site:

Cycling Weekly did a nice piece earlier in the week which I recommend discussing why the attempt matters. I think it is just the thing to get folks excited about it, and he is just the right type to do it. Without controversy, everyone will be able to cheer him on. Even the Wall Street Journal, which I never would have thought to publish a soft ball article on cycling, put out a nice tribute to the Jensie on what will be his final professional bike riding feat.

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