Thursday, September 18, 2014

"Shut Up Hour"

It sure did. It was super exciting to watch Jens Voigt challenge and take the Hour Record today. They were reporting his hear rate at 170 at about a half hour in, and I have to admit mine was probably higher with excitement!

The timing was perfect, 12:00pm Central Time meant I could watch the whole thing live and guilt free during my lunch break.

The whole event was a delight. I appreciated the Twittersphere exploding with enthusiasm, seeing the live reactions, and the photos posted by people who were there, especially those of Voigt interacting with family and loved ones afterwards. I grabbed a few screenshots from the comfort of my office chair. 

He scored a coup. No matter how long or short this record stands, he has made it relevant to the riders and special to the fans - partly just because it was Jens.

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