Tuesday, October 9, 2012


39 Degrees at departure. 

Thought I would remove the fleece jacket I had on over my shell jacket within a few miles of setting-off, but ended up wearing it the whole way. Thin leather gloves, vented shoes and helmet not the ticket today. Especially after feeling started to come back to my ears, fingers and toes as I waited several minutes at RRX for a train to pass. Spent a few minutes during my lunch break to order some fall essentials (for Minnesota): helmet cover, thermal leggings, and good gloves. Last year on this date it was in the 80s here. If not for my crash that took me out for the rest of the season, I would have ridden well into November without updating my seasonal riding gear. This year, I have the same goal, but snowfall will dictate. Required though, is a gear update.

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