Monday, October 22, 2012

Dogs and Bikes

Rolling Turtle

With an offsite meeting and a conference to attend, I had to carry my computer and some files on my back last week, in addition to a loaded pannier bag behind me – brimming mostly with the weekly accumulated morning layers not needed for the warmer afternoon commute, which had to make it back to the wash. I felt like a Sherpa on each climb, paying the price for indulging in my afternoon minimalism, trying to make a faster ride home throughout the week. On one of my bigger climbs I heard a clinking sound. Confused and looking down and around to see what might have fallen, I see a huge black dog bounding about in total play-mode. Given my rolling turtle status, let’s just say I was glad to see the dog was happy and having fun. When I couldn’t pick up the pace, he lost interest in the chase, much to  my relief. 

I told some friends about it at a gathering last Friday night and we swapped stories of being chased by dogs on bikes. Geoff’s chase by a rabid dog on a ride through an Indian res – saved by some good Samaritans in a pickup truck – was the most poignant. He now carries a can of Back Off spray attached to his cycling vest, and has been itching to use it since. I was reminded of the dog incidents at the Tour de France and then again during the men’s road race at the London Games. Fortunately the one on my heels looked like the same big happy dog that wouldn't hurt a turtle. 

Phillipe Gilbert gets pissed and has to be held back. Fortunately a little girl stood between him and the owners.

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