Wednesday, October 3, 2012

First Post, Here Goes.

A guy on a folding-bike made me eat spandex today. 

In my defense, he had a head start, was wearing a team kit (looked like he was on a weird little training ride), and could spin like Lance Armstrong. This seems like an appropriate start to this blog that I have had in mind for a really long time, originally thinking I would talk about my bike commute and related things. But then the title started calling out to me as a metaphor... so I may write about a bit more. Who knows.
Still hanging in the garage

Really, I have had designs for a while on starting to race competitively. Fitting that a year ago today I was hit by a car while riding which sidelined my plans... so I have been racing against myself and time as I have tried to get healthy. I think I am 100% now, minus getting my ass handed to me by mini-bike man (who, incidentally, did some over the shoulder takes to let me know he was in control of the race).

On a separate topic, it is also fitting that our twin boys were conceived a year ago yesterday. Apologies for specificity, but it is one of those things we just know and celebrate now that they are 4 months old and thriving. Leaning on the metaphor again, I may write a bit about being a dad of twins... which is turning out to be a daily time trial of its own. By now you have stopped reading and are back to the Romney Obama debate... or the post-rant on Twitter from both sides.

Take me to Regions.

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