Monday, November 26, 2012


 Wind Chill Factor

Stopped for a shot on Capitol Hill

Yesterday some friends were discussing beardcicles as the measure of how hardcore--and how bad-ass--you are when it comes to winter riding (and skiing). At 1 degree Fahrenheit (wind chill) this morning, I was wishing I hadn't trimmed the rest of the beard the other day to highlight my "Movember" stache.

Just last week, when we were enjoying a blast of Indian summer, I boasted to some co-workers that I would not be deterred from riding by cold weather... that only snow and ice would stop me because of the danger (really mostly out of fear of people in cars not driving carefully in snowy conditions).

However, it wasn't by choice that I rode my bike today. I was ready to eat crow on that previous declaration of manliness and was getting ready to drive the car when my wife informed me that she would need it to take the twins to an appointment this afternoon. So I layered up and got a nice arctic blast all the way to work. It was rough. Unfortunately, no "stachecicles" to show off, just windburn and icy toes.
Wanted to show a semi-normal picture of myself. No beardcicles.

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