Monday, November 12, 2012

Veterans' Day


Woke up to a gorgeous sunrise today. Thanks to our veterans, I didn't have to bust it to work today. (Thanks to our veterans and so many others that have sacrificed, I have a work to bust it to, and so many other freedoms I take for granted). Like the blessing of being able to stay home and do full-time dad duty for a third straight day.

Just a little snow does something fantastic with the lighting, especially at dawn, dusk, and in the twilight hours. I really love the snow, except for when it comes to commuting. Bus, car, bike, you name it... a fresh snowfall is call for a snow-day. Just a little bit is trouble on a road bike... so this time of year I am a little nervous every morning and even obsessed with the weather and what I will look out the window and see.

What it did prompt was a look at the brakes and tires on my mountain bike that hasn't seen any action in a while. Despite dad-duty, I was able to sneak out for a very short test ride. Check. I'll be ready if I look out tomorrow to a similar sight. Any more than this, I may be SOL. Don't think a fat-bike is in the budget for this year.

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