Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Playing Hookey

Weather Obsessed

For some reason growing up in Minnesota makes you obsessed with the weather. Maybe it is the extremes from winter to summer. So when we get a bout of awesome weather, like we have this week, it is the topic of conversation. Its been so great that the temptation to play hookie has been overwhelming. On my ride to work I joined up with a guy on a sweet Ridley who was doing just that. He had already had 2 hours into a training ride by the time I approached. We chatted for a few minutes about the weather and biking before I had to peal off to work. It has been so great the past week that I decided to tote my camera to grab some shots as I sneak in a few extra miles into my commute along the Mississippi River between Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Lake Como in St. Paul

Daily temptation. Hard not to stop for pastries.

No fooling these geese, Thanksgiving will bring arctic air.

I'm stopped at this crossing for trains nearly every day.

Minnesota State Capitol

A couple of other regular temptations: bread and bikes.

Liked this guys UPS jersey.
This woman would cringe if she saw this... she widened a little when I combined images into this panorama.

Under the new I-35 W bridge that spans the Mississippi River.

Bumped into some fellow church-members getting a Christmas card portrait taken. 

Love to ride on cobblestone whenever I get the chance.

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