Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Cloud Ride

It was really foggy today, and it had me thinking of my friends across the "pond" and how they must often ride in it. It is more rare here, so when I saw the weather report this morning, of cloudy and 41 at departure, I was thinking cool, it sure beats the low 30's I've been riding in lately.

For some reason, riding in the dark fog in the morning had me thinking about Ichabod Crane... it was a little eery out there, which I suppose is apropos with Halloween Tomorrow. (Hopefully no Headless Horseman in my future.)  

Turns out it was literally like riding through a cloud. Wet. The other thing is that I was worried about drivers' ability to see me, even though I stick to the bike lane and less busy roads when possible.  I have been leaving earlier and now see a lot of school busses. They always make me nervous because they are blind-spots-on-wheels (perhaps I should start calling them headless horsemen), and I also always wonder about the drivers' experience. 

Turns out, like riding in the rain, riding in fog is fun. And its beautiful this time of year. Snow will fly soon, so I will soak this up while I can.

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